Karen Gimnig, Facilitator

Helping you foster the relationships that take you to your goals.

Imago Relationships International

Karen Gimnig supports communities in building richer relationships as the foundation for effective process and collaborative living.  Connected communities need safe spaces, strong relationship skills and authentic communication. Karen guides communities to:

  • Engage conflict productively and safely.

  • Foster individual growth through community.

  • Facilitate effective meetings.

  • Grow relationships through every encounter.

  • Learn how our neurology impacts our communication.

  • Bond more quickly as a new group or with new members.

  • Decrease the experience of aggression and apathy.

  • Embrace the challenges of community along with the joy.  


Karen is certified as a Professional Facilitator by Imago Relationships International.

People need connection like we need water. We are drawn to cohousing for the relationships we hope to build, often without realizing how much we will grow in the process.

gimnig@gmail.com   678-705-9007

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