Classes & Events

I’m offering classes, events and conversation through my network: Connect Collaborate Grow. 


Scheduling: The program varies from month to month to meet the needs of clients across the country and at various stages of development.  Programs are designed to accommodate a variety of schedules and time zones.  All sessions occur between 9am and 8pm Pacific Time, with the majority offered on weekdays.  Specific days and times vary from month to month so that an individual who can’t take a class one month, likely will have an option that works the next month. 


Cost: All classes and events are available to members of my client communities at no additional charge.  For others, the cost per class or event is listed in the sign up description.  For questions about cost or to join my client communities, please email me at


Classes are organized in chunks of four 2-hour sessions that make up a full course or a part of a series.  Each month I offer two or three classes, one of which is a starter class.  For example, in January, I’m offering Facilitation Part 1 (the start of a three-part series, available to anyone) and Conflict Part 2 (the second class in a series, available to those who have completed Conflict Part 1). 


The Conflict Series

Conflict is an opportunity for growth available to every member of every community at some time or another. Learning to do conflict well is essential to thriving as a community and as an individual within a community.  This 3-part series covers basic tools for working through conflict using the Imago Dialogue process and strategies for helping others in conflict while giving participants time to explore their own experiences of conflict and discover areas where they can improve their connections with others.  


The Facilitator Series

Every community has meetings and every meeting is better if those who are participating have studied facilitation. (Note I include all participants of meetings, not just facilitators!)  This class explores the role of a facilitator, the challenge and vulnerability in leading well, and strategies for facilitating meetings that build relationships and move ideas smoothly through a proposal process.  


Other Classes

Additional classes are offered as there is interest and as they are developed. 


Events are single session happenings that do not require any prior work to attend.  These gatherings are highly interactive and most of the time is spent responding to questions or ideas brought by participants.  There are broadly three types of events:


Ask Me Anything (AMA)

As the name suggests, this is an opportunity for clients to bring all their questions.  Most often an AMA session is around a particular topic, such as consensus or delegation.  I generally offer a short perspective on the topic to get the juices flowing and the remainder of the time is spent on participant questions.



Studio events are opportunities to work with support on the work you are doing in your communities.  Facilitation studio, for example, is a space for facilitators to get help planning the meetings they will facilitate.  

Demonstration (Demo)

A demonstration event is an opportunity to witness a particular facilitation structure or strategy.  I’ll facilitate an actual meeting of volunteer participants to demonstrate a structure like Bridging Circles or Spiral Rounds.