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    Prices and Fees

    Preferred Program

    My favorite way to work is in ongoing relationships with communities. I believe communities benefit from ongoing support that is there as they need it. Over time I see more and more of the complexity and depth of each community and am able to address their specific needs more effectively. Less time is needed for "getting up to speed" and energy can be focused on the current challenges. As a someone who places a very high value on meaningful relationships, I treasure the connections I build with each community and its members over time. Witnessing their growth and celebrating their success is deeply rewarding to me.


    Year of Connecting

    3 Weekend Workshops + 1 year Ongoing Support (see below)

    $7500 (payment schedule can be arranged)  + travel reimbursement

    Standard Fees

    Weekend Workshop (Friday evening thru Sunday)

    $2000 + travel reimbursement

    Ongoing Support 

    Unlimited (within reason) support by zoom, phone and email for your relationships, meetings, facilitation, work with conflict and governance and more.

    $250/month (after a workshop)

    $400/month (first 3 month with no workshop)

    One Day Workshop

    $1000 + travel reimbursement

    Consultation for Community Issues


    Individual or Couple support for cohousing challenges

    Zoom consultation


    Please note: each community has unique needs and I customize my work accordingly.  We can work together to create a program that is the right fit for your needs and budget.  Communities that work with me long term receive discounted rates as their skills increase and less of my time is required to meet their needs.

    Travel Expenses

    For on-site work, I ask communities to cover my actual travel expenses including airfare or mileage, ground transportation, food and lodging.  In many cases the only reimbursable expense is the airfare as I'm happy to make use of community or personal guest rooms and thoroughly enjoy common meals. With a few provisions in the fridge I can easily make my own simple meals in the common kitchen. 

    I live in Anacortes, WA north of Seattle.