What clients say . . .


Ongoing  Community Support

Over the past five years, our cohousing group has grown from a dream into an increasingly tangible reality. In addition to choosing a site and all the necessary work required to build the building, there has been another essential process—building a cohesive social community. This is where Karen Gimnig has provided excellent advice and guidance. Anxiety and impatience are as much a part of cohousing development as are schedules and contracts. What we have learned with Karen’s ongoing expert help is that we can learn to listen, to resolve conflicts, and to reach consensus as a part of the development process. Thanks to Karen, by the time we move in we will already be a strong community

– Jim & Peggy

Workshop Facilitation

Karen was able to continuously monitor the needs and direction of the group and modify plans to utilize our time to the best advantage.

- Lynnette

Thank you, Thank you!  Your expert facilitation, transparency, skill, vulnerability, compassion and wisdom were so appreciated by me (and everyone else!)

- Lisa


The gain in trust among us was palpable and will have long-lasting benefits.

- Workshop Participant


I LOVE the energy and commitment that our facilitation and process folks are already bringing — yay, team!  Our shared experiences at the workshop were truly a uniting and energizing force—thank you, Karen and everyone!

- Karen K

Cohousing Facilitation

Karen, I want to say thank you for the excellent facilitation of the community session this morning. I attended reluctantly, thinking "doggone it I have to give up a Saturday morning" and left reminded of the many good reasons why I end up staying in this community after each crisis of belief. Your strategy for discussion worked well, and your timing was perfect.

- Mary

Karen Gimmig is a great facilitator who takes the time to make sure everyone in our co-housing community is heard. I appreciate her ability to maintain strong boundaries to insure that people realize she is the facilitator helping them solve "their" concerns by them taking responsibility for the work.

- Catherine

In my opinion, Karen Gimnig is a rare gem of a person: insightful, articulate, and sensitive. She has found that a role of facilitator fits her personality perfectly and is always looking to see how she can be more helpful to the community and hone her facilitation skills.

Quite simply, I completely recommend her as a facilitator without reservation. With her support, I now even look forward to my next presentations!

-Karen M

Individual and Couple Support

Karen Gimnig is an amazingly talented facilitator.  With Karen's gentle nudging and insight we were able to achieve a surprisingly deeper level of insight and love in our marriage.  I wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone seeking higher ground within...

- Aaron

Public Speaking

Karen Gimnig is a dynamic speaker who combines the power of Imago Relationships theory with a deep knowledge of organizational structure and collaborative work environments. Karen is passionate about the power of relationship skills to create connection and change the world.  As an articulate, intelligent and expressive speaker, she inspires audiences to engage in the challenges of teamwork and community living from a place of curiosity and compassion.

- Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD